Make the Last Mile in Home Delivery the Best Mile in the Supply Chain

Make the Last Mile in Home Delivery the Best Mile in the Supply Chain

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1/1/14 5:00 AM

The last mile is always the most important one, no matter what we’re talking about, be it a race, a car trip, or a sale. And in the supply chain, it couldn’t be more of a truism. The last mile is the final connection between you and your customers—home delivery and installation, and product returns are prime examples of “last mile” moments. Especially with regards to big-ticket or oversized items, ensuring true white glove handling over the last mile is essential. Here are a few ways these services integrate for a successful end result with a happy customer:

Delivery Scheduled Around the Customer

A large and/or very expensive item can’t just be dropped off on the porch, for a number of reasons. It’s not safe, it’s too heavy, it’s not installed…your customer has spent a good deal of money on a high-quality product and their expectations are high as well.  White glove treatment includes being prepared to work the delivery and care around the customer’s availability and preference.

Setup and Complex Assembly

 Here is where the rubber really meets the road. From careful placement in the preferred room, to setup, assembly, and installation of such large and complicated items as furniture, appliances, and electronics, this part of the last mile really needs the white glove treatment. Your customer is either made completely satisfied or completely annoyed by this. When it is done correctly and done with care, going so far as to provide instruction or training on what has just been setup and installed, your brand is improved and you have likely gained a repeat customer.

Taking Care of Aftercare

The finishing touches must be handled with the same level of care and foresight as the rest has been. From furniture touchup, to removal of the old merchandise and debris, to full reverse logistics in the event there are problems with the merchandise, or dissatisfaction from the customer, the white glove treatment ensures the last image your customer has of you is a positive one.

The last mile is a lasting mile, and the customer’s complete satisfaction should be maintained until the door is shut for the final time.

Do the Last Mile Right

At Diakon Logistics, our home delivery solutions are focused on big-ticket items, and our white glove delivery matches the quality of your products with peerless handling and care. Entrust your last mile with one of the leading home delivery and third party logistics companies in the nation. 

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