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Delivery start-ups are back

Posted by Lucy

The way people shop has changed. The way people get things has changed. But they aren't changing at the same speed. The big question for suppliers and consumers is how am I going to get it from where it is now to where I want it to be? Not to mention in the right time frame, for the right price and undamaged for heavens sake. Several entrepenuers and businessman have taken on this challenge but where there is deffinately a void there is not always be an easy solution. The good news is that people are taking on this important challenge to improve all of our lives. Take a look at the delivery start-up world and you might even ask, "Is it 1999?" 

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When Is it Time to Change Your 3PL Provider?

Posted by Whitney

When you choose a Third Party Logistics provider, the hope and intention is that you’re forming a partnership that will last for years. Indeed, you likely spent months researching, interviewing and analyzing your candidates before making your decision. But what if your provider isn’t living up to expectations?  When do you resolve to look for another company? Consider the following factors when making your decision.

Lack of growth.
  Your company is growing – but your 3PL provider isn’t growing with you. Maybe the company is resistant to change – or maybe they’re losing clients due to poor service.  Either way, it’s a cause for serious concern.

Massive price hikes.
While price fluctuation is inevitable, huge spikes in cost shouldn’t be. In addition to affecting your budget, major price increases on the part of your logistics provider suggest poor financial management.

Turnover.  No company is free from employee turnover – it’s the nature of business. But if your 3PL provider’s executive team appears to be a revolving door, it’s a clear indication of internal turmoil – which affects the company’s overall focus.

Not learning from mistakes. No relationship is perfect, in life or in business. Part of fostering a successful partnership is through trial and error.  But is your logistics provider making the same mistakes time and again? And are you dependent on workarounds to control the damage that these mistakes cause? Your productivity suffers as a result – and it demonstrates poor management on behalf of your provider.

No “disruptive innovation.”  In our last post, we talked about the importance of disruptive innovation on the part of 3PL providers – that is, striving toward the discovery of new methods and innovations that disrupt the industry status quo in a positive way. Ask yourself if your 3PL provider is motivated to make these kinds of discoveries. If not, your bottom line is ultimately affected.

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Maintaining a Successful Third Party Logistics Relationship

Posted by Whitney

In previous blog posts, we’ve discussed the advantages of hiring a Third Party Logistics (3PL) provider for your business needs. We’ve also talked about what to look for in a provider.

Choosing a 3PL provider is just the first step, however. In order to guarantee a successful partnership, you – and your selected provider – need to take steps to nurture your business relationship. Below are some tips for ensuring a long-lasting and beneficial association with your chosen logistics company.

Get – and stay – on the same page.
  Have an in-depth and honest conversation with your 3PL provider at the outset of your relationship; discuss your mutual goals and the steps that both of you need to take in order to make sure that those goals are met. Otherwise, you run the risk of making decisions that don’t align with your shared objectives.

Understand the technology.
  Recent advances in technology processes are making an impact in the logistics industry. For example, some 3PL companies are looking at cloud computing as the future of their information management systems. Treat your 3PL’s technology offerings as more than just a peripheral, value-added service; taking advantage of the benefits these offerings provide may translate into increased efficiency for your business.
Make Technology Implementations That Scale With Your Business
Be flexible (within reason) – and reward initiative. You provide your own employees with incentives for performing; think of your logistics company in the same light. If you allow your outsourced logistics provider the flexibility to exceed expectations – and reward them accordingly – you strengthen your relationship and reap the benefits of superior performance.

Analyze progress regularly.
Keep an open dialogue with your 3PL service, and evaluate progress on a regular basis – not just yearly.  In the world of logistics, strategies can change, and you and your provider need to be agile in your approach, ready to tweak processes if necessary.

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Cloud Technology – The Next Big Thing for Third Party Logistics?

Posted by Whitney

Recent IT buzz indicates that Third Party Logistics (3PL) companies are starting to consider the implementation of cloud-managed services for their clients. While it’s still too soon to see the overall impact of this trend, the concept is important to understand.

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