3 Warehouse Logistics Activities You Can Live Without

3 Warehouse Logistics Activities You Can Live Without

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11/3/13 5:00 PM

Warehouse logistics represents a big and complex piece of the supply chairn puzzle in and of itself. With the ever-increasing volume and complexity of tracking and receiving of merchandise, storage, and inventory issues, handling your own warehousing has become more difficult and expensive. And if it’s not already your forte, as is the reality for most retailers, then your time, resources, and expertise are much better served focused on sales and merchandising, not running the warehouse.

If this set of circumstances sounds all too familiar, here are 3 great reasons to outsource your warehouse logistics to a professional:

1) Eliminate Headaches

Tracking merchandise is a time-consuming, complicated task most retailers would rather do without. When it comes to customers and retailers, knowing where their merchandise is at any given moment is comperable to knowing where their children are. The availability and coordination of replenishment handling can be easily handled by the right partner, one that has both the technology and processes to efficiently handle your warehouse receipts.

2) Let Someone Else Manage Storage Space and Staffing

Maintenance of the warehouse space and staff can be quite a burden. Besides the upkeep of the space and the inventory, the personnel time and cost purely dedicated to storage can be substantial. Turning the management of your storage to a specialized professional can save you big over the long run, in both time and money spent. Many providers are even willing to fully staff or complement your existing warehouse setup, as well as work at your location, if that level of service better serves your bottom line.

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3) Enhance Your Inventory Control

A taut inventory control system is critical to retail survival. Replenishment cycles, so often changing, can mean the difference between profitability and disaster. An outsourced logistics partner should be well versed on the latest inventory control measures and technology to efficiently track and manage your entire inventory. This complicated and essential aspect of retail is a task that many are happy to take off their plates with the right partner securely taking it over.

Letting Go and Moving Up

In the end, outsourcing warehouse logistics to a professional third party logistics provider can result in enhanced inventory management, reduced operating costs, and improved cycle times. And all of that support means less time, money, and hassle spent on something your logistics provider does better anyway!

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