Foundation of Service

Diakon Logistics was founded in 1991 with the vision of transforming the way home delivery service was offered to retailers. The enhanced service concept, which centered on the idea of offering last-mile logistics through a fleet of independent contractors and on-site management, was a timely concept that was widely appreciated by retailers. Diakon grew from that foundation and has steadily risen to be a national prominence.

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A Cornerstone of Consistency

Diakon earned its start by delivering appliances in Pittsburgh, PA for Sears.

Today Diakon services top retailers across the country providing logistics management, consulting, warehousing, cartage, and on demand delivery services.


Forging Strong and Successful Partnerships 

Diakon Logistics is nationally recognized as the leader in third-party logistics providing top retailers with knowledge-based, integrated logistics solutions backed by dedicated resources, innovative technology, and highly committed professionals. Our success is earned by executing our core principles:

  • Operational Excellence: The way we operate reflects on the way you run your business and is a driving factor in our collective success. With that in mind, we commit every member of our team to continuously improve so we remain in the lead. Through continued monitoring of measurable key performance indicators on everything from productivity to completion percentages, we’re always looking for ways to increase our success rates.
  • Innovation: Through the use of cutting-edge technology, Diakon pushes the industry standard for efficiency, quality and customer-centric solutions. The engine behind our superior customer service is the technology we employ to handle both the routing of deliveries and the tracking of orders and merchandise. Learn more about our technology.
  • Client Focus: Establishing a firm partnership with a single vision and objective is fundamental. Once a strategy is in place, it comes down to one thing: delivering on the details. In everything we do – the care we take in transporting your merchandise, the way we treat your customers on delivery, to the way your aftermarket support is handled -- we take great pride in getting the details right. Some call this going the extra mile, we refer to it as taking care of Mrs. Jones.

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