Winning the Delivery Battle

Winning the Delivery Battle

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4/5/16 9:30 AM

“Every battle is won before it is fought.” Sun Tzu

 At Diakon Logistics, it is our goal to treat every delivery of the day like it’s the only delivery that day. This past Monday in Charlotte, NC one of our delivery teams was just one stop away from a 100% score when suddenly their truck broke down. Roadside service determined the truck could go no further and would need to be towed.

Most people in this situation would throw their arms up in the air and say “oh well, only one incomplete delivery isn’t bad,” but Chris Ashford and Mike Givens had other plans. They had a strategy before the day began to complete every stop perfectly and they were determined to execute that strategy no matter what challenges came up.  

 Instead of calling to reschedule that last stop, Ashford and Givens convinced the tow truck driver to go out of his way 10 miles to Mrs. Jones’ home with their truck in tow so that they could complete their route and take care of that final customer.

 Ashford and Givens not only made that customer’s day, they showed the remarkable commitment and dedication Diakon Logistics has to uphold the “Mrs. Jones’ Day” philosophy and exceed customer expectations.

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