What a Positive Customer Experience Means

What a Positive Customer Experience Means

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1/7/14 1:00 PM

Let’s face it, in today’s world there are a lot of choices, and customer’s expectations are higher than ever. Often times businesses are focused on well, running their business, and they fail to grasp what their customers are experiencing, or more importantly what they want to experience. You may have ingrained into your head that the only thing your customers care about is price and that if you cut your prices they will be happy.

We invite you to take a step back and look at your company as though you were the customer. What type of customer experience would you want to have? Whether you’re dedicated to logistics and home delivery (like Diakon), or any number of other industries, the basic principles associated with producing a positive customer experience are much the same – as are the consequences of mismanaging (or worse, ignoring) it. From the moment they walk in the door to the moment they are at home using one of your products or reflecting on your services, the experience your customers have will determine how your company is perceived. How your company is perceived will determine how your company succeeds. 

So how do you craft the ideal customer experience? Here are a few key steps.

Change your perspective. In order to provide the best experience for your clients, you have to think the way they do. Put yourself in their shoes. What is most important to them – and how can you provide it to them while also avoiding any associated “pain points”? 

Listen. Pay attention to what people are saying. And in the rare scenario that they didn’t leave a public review somewhere, feel free to ask them what they are thinking, they will tell you. You may be surprised at what you hear and after all it sure takes out the guesswork.  

Analyze your results, and review your methods. What may have worked five years ago might not work quite as well anymore – perhaps technology has evolved, or customer expectations have changed. Either way, you need to maintain flexibility in your approach, and be willing to tweak your delivery model if necessary. 

Reward loyalty. Repeat customers are a strong indication of a positive client experience. Make sure that those who are loyal to your business know how much you appreciate them for it – whether it’s by providing them with special perks, or simply taking the time to tell them “thank you”.

Be available and willing to take action. You won’t be able to solve every single problem that crops up for your customers – because no matter how hard we try, life is never perfect. But if they feel as though you’re present, engaged, and doing your best to help them, your clients will still view your company in a positive light. If you understand what your clients want and take action to improve their experience they will notice.  

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