What Would Mrs. Jones Say About Your Third Party Logistics Provider?

What Would Mrs. Jones Say About Your Third Party Logistics Provider?

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10/30/13 10:33 AM

Every Day is Mrs. Jones’ Day

Among the biggest stressors for furnishing, appliance, and electronics retailers -- and other retailers of big-ticket merchandise -- are the details that take place after a sale is made. The logistics involved with home deliveries, installations, and returns can make or break a successful customer experience. Likewise, when these activities are done right a business can become more profitable by reducing costs and avoiding the expenses caused by damaged, returned, not-at-home, or otherwise non-deliverable merchandise.

If your third-party logistics provider handles your white glove home delivery services, the provider becomes the critical link to your customers during the much-anticipated arrival of their merchandise. For big-ticket items, customers expect a high level of service. This means accurate scheduling of delivery dates and times, a clean truck, professional drivers who are clean-cut and neatly dressed, and who communicate proficiently with your customers. 

When it comes to home delivery of merchandise, the difference really is in the details. And your dedicated logistics services provider is the one you rely upon to deliver on the expectations of your customers and your business.

How does your third-party logistics provider treat Mrs. Jones?

At Diakon Logistics, we created a philosophy called “It’s Mrs. Jones’ Day.” Mrs. Jones represents each customer we come in contact with on behalf of our retail clients. And because it’s her day, we want to make it extra special. Our goal is to treat each delivery as if it is our only delivery of the day and each customer as if she is “Mrs. Jones.” 

From the first delivery to the very last stop of the day, our drivers are committed and incentivized to uphold the Mrs. Jones’ Day philosophy. Because of this, our retailer clients experience numerous business benefits that come with fewer costly damages and returns, lower operating costs, higher customer satisfaction, and greater customer loyalty. 

We take great pride in our customer satisfaction reports. Ask a representative for a report on the most recent company scores. 

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