MAP-21 Means Safer Logistics for All

MAP-21 Means Safer Logistics for All

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12/13/13 4:00 PM

The Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act, or “MAP-21” Act that was signed into law and went into effect October 1, 2012. Besides consolidating the more than 100 transportation programs into a much more manageable (and hopefully better managed) number, the immense bill has several lofty goals. Two of MAP-21’s central themes are the “strengthening of America’s highway and public transportation system” and the support of “the Department’s aggressive safety agenda,” according to the FHWA’s map act website.

Better, Safer Highways

The betterment of the highway and transportation system is incorporated in a new lynchpin program, the National Highway Performance Program, which both expands the miles of roads covered from 160,000 to 220,000 miles, and requires states to develop plans with performance targets for roads and bridges, as well as holding them accountable for repair with a higher percentage of funding mandated to be spent on facilities not meeting federal standards. In short, more money for more roads and bridges! A safer, more efficient U.S. roadway system.

Focus on Commercial Safety

The safety agenda shows 3 core principles meant to increase safety involving trucks and buses, according to the U.S. DOT site:

  1. It raises the bar for entry into the industry and onto the roads
  2. It holds the motor carrier and the drivers to the highest safety standards in order to continue their operations
  3. It removes the highest risk drivers, vehicles, and carriers from the roads and keeps them from operating

We Agree: Safer Roads are Better Roads

At Diakon Logistics, we are pleased to see more focus and funding being put toward greater safety on the roads. Any Act or Bill that helps keep our roads, bridges, and transit systems safer is one we are all in favor of. Transportation safety ranks at the top of our Standard Operating Procedures when it comes down to taking care of customers each and every delivery.

Already extremely focused on the safe delivery of each and every item we handle, Diakon Logistics’ philosophy of It’s Mrs. Jones Day represents every customer we come in contact with. We ensure that every customer is treated with the special flair and professionalism they expect and deserve. This results in fewer damages and returns, lower costs, and happy customers!

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