Last Mile Logistics: Satisfied Customers

Last Mile Logistics: Satisfied Customers

Posted by Lucy

6/4/14 10:30 PM

When someone purchases a new product they have certain expectations. Handeling those expectations is what makes your business sucessfull. We've all heard of under promise, over deliver. Well we love that motto, not just because it has our business term in it but because we like to delight those we serve. Knowing that furniture is one of the largest expenses a person will make helps remind us that this is important. Their white glove delivery should be excellent in every way. But what makes it excellent is often the things that the people receiving it don't think of. Their expectations are more about how it will look in their house and what utilitiy it wil have, not iif it will fit in the door and remain undammaged. Our delivery teams take great pleasure in making sure all the little details are taken care of so the customer can continue to focus on what's important to them.

If everything runs smoothly in the sales process but the ball is dropped on the home delivery you may end up with dissatisfied customers. And it's been well noted that in today's age people are 10 times more likely to tell a freind of a poor experience than they are to tell about a good expereince. This means you better make sure there are no poor expereiences out there. 

Choose a last mile logistics company that will live up to your standards. One that will contact your customer, schedule a delivery and deliver on-time. When you hire a last mile logistics service to handle the actual delivery point for your customers it is very important that the company you choose will make a positive impression on your customer, the delivery person is essentially your representative. Don't drop the ball on last mile logistics and you will see a much improved customer service reputation for your business.


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