Amazon Free Delivery Minimum Spend Could Double

Amazon Free Delivery Minimum Spend Could Double

Posted by Lucy

6/19/15 9:36 AM

Amazon users could soon have to spend twice as much to get free delivery on the service.

Reports from some who claimed to have seen emails sent to Amazon’s associates said that the site was set to double its price last night. But the change does not appear to have gone through, with minimum delivery still set at £10 in the UK. If users want to get free delivery, they will have to spend £20 or sign up to the £79-per-year Amazon Prime subscription service, Engadget reported that the emails said. Amazon didn’t give a reason for the increase, though pushing people towards Prime and the increased costs of its delivery service are likely to have played a part.

It is yet to be seen if this change will impact the business in the US.

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