Home Delivery

Wow your customers with our white glove delivery services for your “big ticket” merchandise.

Regardless of whether you run a national retail chain or are a local furniture retailer, your pain is typically the same: you need high quality delivery service to your customers. The home delivery side of your sale can make or break the deal and can mean the difference between creating a loyal repeat customer and losing a customer for life. But you don’t want the hassle and expense of running your delivery service.

At Diakon Logistics, we aren’t in the business of making the cheapest deliveries, but we are here to provide a cost-competitive way for you to handle the delivery of your big-ticket items to your customers, while continuing to deliver the service and quality your customers have come to expect. And by the way, we’d be willing to bet that our quality delivery services will cost far less than any in-house delivery solution you may be currently operating.

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Outsourcing your home deliveries to Diakon Logistics is the answer you’ve been
looking for.

We handle deliveries for some of the largest national and regional retailers – including Sears, Home Depot, Ethan Allen, Conn’s Appliances, and Jerome’s -- and we can handle yours too.

Our outbound logistics services will assist you in creating cost-efficient, flexible supply chains while providing exceptional product delivery to each and every customer.

Our delivery solutions are designed to help you service existing and new markets from store, phone, and internet-based retailing. Focused on big-ticket purchases, our delivery services are based on a dedicated model where we operate as your "in-house" delivery department in every way that counts – eliminating all of the headaches that come with trying to do it yourself or outsource to lower-quality providers.

Why not do it yourself?

We know retailers who have handled home delivery logistics in-house with their own employees and their own trucks. With this model, they incur hourly employees who have no incentive to perform the job as quickly as possible, plus they have to invest in their equipment, provide workers’ compensation, run the background screening program, and the list goes on and on. We know these retailers because they are now our customers. As it turned out, our model is much less expensive for them. Plus, when you outsource to Diakon there’s no employee down time. When you’re busy, we’re here. When you’re not, we manage the reduction in the fleet. Talk about taking a load off!

Why switch to Diakon Logistics?

Perhaps you’re already working with an outsourced home delivery carrier? How are your overall operations looking in terms of completions, returns, not-at-homes, damages, etc.? How about your customers – are they happy with the delivery teams showing up at their door? At Diakon Logistics, we put our money on the line by linking our compensation directly to our performance. You tell us your goals for KPIs and customer satisfaction and we’ll match or beat them. If we don’t, we’ll take a pay cut. Talk with us for details as every client arrangement is unique.

It’s Mrs. Jones’ Day.

When it comes to deliveries, it’s never just a delivery to us. Instead, our delivery teams leave the dock every day with a single-minded focus: make sure Mrs. Jones gets the service she deserves. We coined the phrase, “It’s Mrs. Jones’ Day” as our daily reminder to treat each delivery as our only delivery of the day – even if it’s the last one.

Once we show up at Mrs. Jones’ door, we do whatever it takes to satisfy her. We work with the recognition that we’re not only carrying your merchandise to Mrs. Jones’ home, but also your brand. Our approach is to make sure Mrs. Jones feels that she received the highest level of customer service all the way through the sales process – rather than leave her feeling that her delivery was a mere after-thought. Read more about our “Its Mrs. Jones’ Day” philosophy.

Delivery services: Tailored to your needs

We design efficient, cost-effective home delivery solutions that are time-tested and proven to impress. Our home delivery solutions are tailored to meet your needs with the following service levels:

White glove delivery for high-end merchandise

When you’re looking for service that matches the quality of your products our white glove delivery achieves that extra-delicate handling and care you’re looking for.

Our white glove delivery includes:

  • Blanket-wrap delivery services
  • Furniture touch-up
  • Placement in customers' room of choice
  • Set-up and complex assembly of furniture and bedding
  • Basic and complex and installation of appliances and electronics
  • Operational instruction/product training
  • Removal of old merchandise
  • Removal of debris
  • Reverse logistics

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Standard delivery services

When your emphasis is on cost-efficiency but you’re still committed to quality service, our standard delivery services can be tailored to include:

  • Placement in customers' room of choice
  • Simple assembly of furniture and bedding
  • Basic installation of appliances and electronics
  • Removal of debris
  • Reverse logistics

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Inside-the-home delivery services

For many "big ticket" items, dropping off at the doorstep just isn't enough. Many customers need the product placed inside the door in a secure area. Our inside-the-home delivery service includes:

  • Boxed delivery in the home
  • Boxed delivery in the garage
  • Boxed delivery in a covered area
  • Reverse logistics